Who we are

Through enabling mobile 3D scan capture with our technology,
uGo3D brings next dimension of perspective that opens limitless possibilities.
We are thrilled to be working on products that are pushing the boundaries of security,
medical, and bringing innovation to consumer level mobile product.

New Released


Selfie to 3D character!

Many games want the users to spend a lot of time customizing their game characters,
but the process to do so is very complex while not offering enough options for the users.
GameFace is a smartphone app that converts users’ 2d photo into a 3d facial avatar
that can be imported into any compatible games instantly!

What makes this app so good?

  1. GameFace is the only solution that works on both iOS and Android devices including lower-end spec’d devices like the iPhone 5S.
  2. GameFace is an unique in its ability to port users’ 3D head into games in seconds.
  3. GameFace is highly efficient and does all processing on the users’ smartphone.
  4. GameFace allows the users to make items that can be imported into games.
  5. GameFace is compatible with any game on the market.
  6. GameFace supports Facebook 3D posting allowing users to post their personal 3D characters to Facebook at no cost.
  7. GameFace can be integrated with any new game in weeks.
  8. GameFace launches with one mobile boxing game and one PC RPG game. There are many more in the development that will also launch in upcoming months.

What’s next.

  1. We are improving UI to make it easier based on consumer feedbacks.
  2. New Emoji features are coming soon.
  3. Yes, we do AR.
  4. A lot more game support.

What we do

We develop 3D scan solutions that allows users to scan objects swiftly to your mobile device with ease.

Mobile 3D scan tech demo

Mobile app for viewing and shopping furniture



Released (2018)

Stages 3D scanner

medical reaearch app (2018)

Robocam 1

A system does realtime motion cature to robotic camera(2018)


Coming soon (2019)


Coming soon (2019)




Stanley Yung-Chuan Liu, MD, DDS
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Co-Director of Sleep Surgery Fellowship
Stanford University School of Medicine

“Throw out half million gizmos and walk around with a smartphone to capture faces in 3d. This is true 3d and it isn’t faceswap which is a just photo thing. This is incredible and that 2d photo thing is useless but what’s remarkable about this it comes with real measurements with just a click of a button. We need measurements... “

As a surgeon specializing on facial surgery for conditions such as congenital or acquired deformities or obstructive sleep apnea, a perennial challenge is the question from patients: “what will I look like after surgery?” This seemingly impossible to solve problem had seen an influx of tremendous resources to little tangible results. One of the biggest obstacles lies in the ability to scan the human face efficiently and accurately. Most of us certainly do not have access to Hollywood studios with countless camera angles that do deliver accuracy, but not efficiency. Imagine today if one can scan the human face with something that most of us have: a mobile phone or tablet device. What Ugo3d has done is nothing short of remarkable. Take an iPad, walk around someone (or your own) face, and have a true 3D facial photo which then allows further measurements and even simulations of changes after facial surgery. It is advances like Ugo3d that can change the entire landscape of surgical science, and truly transform it to surgical art!



Our UG03D team is growing and we are looking for a creative, senior-level computational imaging engineer to work on mobile base photogrammetry. The ideal person will have a deep background in real-time image processing with a clear understanding of computer vision.

Software Engineer


  • Strong algorithm skills (design, development and implementation)
  • Excellent C/C++ coding skills
  • Develop experience with computational photography, stereo reconstruction, computer vision
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Expertise in one or more of the following area is needed: 3D camera tracking; Video Segmentation / rotoscope automation / contour tracking; Optical Flow; Point Projection and Deep Imaging; Lens characterization and simulation


  • Rare opportunity to join an early tech startup adventure when it is less than ten people.
  • Be part of the startup core team responsible for inventing and productizing influential new technologies in a rapidly growing market.
  • Substantial stock equity packages, of the sort only available to early startup employees.
  • We are located in SF, California, but we have technical staff located around the globe. We prefer local candidates. but are open to remote work/telecommuting or part-time consulting for the right candidate.

UI/UX Designer


You will be part of team committed to developing next generation 3d UI interfaces across multiple screen sizes. You will be working in a fast paced environment to deliver graphical assets and specs, as well as focus on the design of mobile UI animations and transitions. You be expected to understand the differences and nuances inherent in the major mobile OSes – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.


  • 3+ years experience designing mobile applications
  • Good understanding of user experience process
  • Ability to create detailed design specifications and mockups to communicate design intent
  • Strong reel: animation for UX/UI; animated infographics; and/or text animation, etc. for web and mobile
  • Expert in After Effects, Illustrator
  • Proficient in: Photoshop, Flash
  • Ability to understand and edit HTML, JavaScript and CSS is a PLUS

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